Resolution 7:18:08 Support Fair Work Week Campaign

Authors: Dustin Guastella

Co-Sponsors: Jedidiah Slaboda

Whereas, the fight over working time represents one of the primary struggles against elite domination and corporate control; and,

Whereas, the establishment of freedom from work represents one of major achievements in the history of the workers’ movement; and,

Whereas, the contemporary use of “Just in Time” scheduling by corporate management threatens that freedom, leaving over 130,000 Philadelphia workers with unstable hours, irregular unpredictable schedules, and subject to exploitative on-call scheduling; and,

Whereas, the demand for a Fair Work Week represents a key working class demand to reclaim workers’ time from their bosses and entails: mandatory two-week advance notice of work schedules; the elimination of “On-Call” shifts; minimum of ten hours time between shifts to allow for adequate rest; and,

Whereas, the campaign “Fair Work Week PHL” has attracted the support of the local union movement, including the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO, UNITE HERE Locals 54, 274 and 634, UFCW 1776 and PASNAP among others; and,

Whereas, City Council member Helen Gym is considering introducing legislation in Philadelphia City Council to establish provisions for a fair work week for Philadelphia workers;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA support the “Fair Work Week PHL” campaign; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philadelphia DSA sign the “Fair Work Week Support Letter” circulated by One Pennsylvania; and,

Be it further resolved, that where feasible Philadelphia DSA Steering Committee mobilize members to attend Council hearings in support of fair work week legislation; and,

Be it finally resolved, that Philadelphia DSA Steering Committee encourage members to write to their Council Persons to urge them to support fair work week legislation.


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