Night School: What is Capitalism?


October 06, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm



We all know what we're up against: capitalism! But what exactly is capitalism? Is it a thing, a system, or something else? And, why does it persist in spite of the fact that it promotes so much instability, crisis, and suffering? There are different ways to understand the political economy, not all of which are compatible. Figuring out exactly what we’re up against is crucial if our goal is to change it.

Night Schools are discussion groups designed to provide a casual setting where we can consider issues related to socialist history, theory, and strategy.

Night Schools are not "schools" in the traditional sense. There are no fees, grades, or prior readings, and all are welcome regardless of previous experience.

Join us, whether you're new to DSA or an expert Marxologist! Night Schools are free and open to all, regardless of previous experience. There are no assigned readings.

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