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If Philadelphians are surprised by the demise of the Build Back Better bill, they probably haven’t been paying close attention to the Democratic Party.

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If Philadelphians are surprised by the demise of the Build Back Better bill, they probably haven’t been paying close attention to the Democratic Party. Despite its imperfections, the Build Back Better bill would have been a huge win for the working class of our city and for the Commonwealth–a massive investment in childcare, schools, healthcare, and our environment. 

On virtually every important issue, Democrats have chosen to side with corporate interests rather than working people. Manchin cares more about the fate of his family-owned coal companies than the fate of the planet. Sinema cares more about business executives than workers. And Biden cares a lot more about selling America’s public infrastructure to corporations in the name of “bipartisanship” than fighting for working families.  

The Philadelphia Democratic Party’s priorities are similarly warped. Councilmember Allan Domb is known as the “Condo King” and has used his power to support the 10 year tax abatement, a policy that clearly benefits him personally. Representative Dwight Evans has stood by and ignored a national movement for Medicare for All. And Mayor Kenney’s Department of Public Health ignored serious red flags and entrusted a 9-month-old startup to manage our vaccine rollout. Somehow, after nearly two years, COVID tests are still not affordable or accessible in our city. On Monday’s free at-home test giveaway day here in Philly, lines stretched for hours.

As socialists, now is the time to make the failings of the Democratic party clear. We must build power with working class Philadelphians through tenant associations, labor unions, and mass organizations like DSA. We need to get organized and run candidates that prioritize people who will support working class interests. If we work together, we can build back better. 

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Defund the Police Campaign Meeting, January 7 at 6pm
Join us as we report back from the National Abolitionist Working Group's Defund the Police Summit and share information learned, give updates to what we plan on working on for 2022, and discuss the path forward with Philly DSA being a factor in realizing a police free state. 

Racial Justice Committee Open Meeting, January 8 at 12pm
Join us for our first weekend edition of the RJC! We'll give updates on our Ben Fletcher and Defund the Police Campaigns and have a more in-depth discussion about our goals for 2022. What do you want to see realized in 2022 and how can we help each other to get there? Come and discuss.

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BuxMont DSA

Socialism 101, December 27 at 7pm
Discuss Sara Nelson’s speech to the 2019 DSA National Convention, which demonstrates the liberating power of solidarity by recounting its vital role in recent labor history.

Towamencin Sewer Anti-Privatization Strategy, December 28 at 7pm
Discuss how to expand on the work coalition partners with NOPE have been doing to stop Aqua PA from buying sewer plants in the area. 

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This week in unions

  • BCTGM Kellogg’s workers are going back to work—they ratified a new contract this week. While this contract isn’t exactly what they wanted, the workers made huge strides and improvements, and we’re proud to have supported them on the picket line in Lancaster and by donating to their strike fund. 
  • The longest strike in Massachusetts history is most likely over! Nurses at St. Vincent Hospital have a tentative agreement, ending a 9-month strike. Read more.
  • Many workers are still on strike, though! The largest strike in the U.S. right now is happening at Columbia University in NYC. Student workers have been on strike for more than 5 weeks.
  • In more local news, Willie Brown, leader of TWU Local 234 (the union that represents bus drivers and subway operators), has stepped down. Brian Pollitt leads it now.
  • Heartbreakingly, a construction worker was killed on a job site downtown. Please donate to support his widow and 3-month-old son. No worker should ever be hurt or killed at work.

To get involved: If you’re interested in supporting workers who want to organize, organizing your workplace, supporting workers and unions taking collective action, or in building relationships with rank and file union members and leaders, email [email protected]

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