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  • Bulletin: UAW Recap and SC Transition

    Philly DSA’s new Steering Committee will be convening its first meeting on October 16, where, among other things, they will be voting on the composition of our new permanent committees (Communications, PolEd, Member Engagement, and Electoral) and charting the course for how the local will undertake the Platform Priorities we voted on at our 2019 Convention (Building a Green New Deal, Electing Bernie and Socialist Legislators, Recommitting to Medicare for All, and Labor For Bernie and Organizing in Our Unions). We here at the Bulletin would like to wish the incoming SC the best of luck over the next two years and give a fond farewell to our outgoing Steering Committee, whose guidance and leadership has helped us build the Local we have today. Onward!

  • Bulletin: September GM Recap, UAW Strike, Bernie Canvass

    First, a recap for those who weren’t able to make it out to last Saturday’s General Meeting: After an introduction from PASNAP rank & file nurse Marty Harrison and a couple procedural votes (outgoing SC reports were accepted, the Canvassing & Our City Our Schools Committees were renewed, the Labor Branch’s role was codified under the new bylaws, and the Standing Rules for the local were officially adopted), we got to the new business of the day: the establishment of a Green New Deal Strategy Committee and the endorsement of two Working Families Party candidates for City Council, Kendra Brooks and Nicolas O’Rourke.


    We’re a little more than a week out from our fall General Meeting, and as always we’ve got a packed agenda. Our guest speaker this time around is Marty Harrison of PASNAP. As anyone who’s been following the fight to save Hahnemann University Hospital can tell you, PASNAP has been on the front lines since day one. Harrison, a long-time single payer advocate, a Labor Notes contributor, and the editor of the Temple Hospital Nurses newsletter, will be catching us up on what happened over the summer and speaking on what we can do now.

  • All In on Bernie

    Last weekend, we held our second Bernie Sanders canvass of the summer. This one was in sunny Germantown, and turnout was, by all accounts, incredible: fifty-plus canvassers, nine of whom were canvassing for the first time, knocked an estimated 1,300 doors Saturday afternoon, taking our 2020 primary total to ~3,000 doors of our 200,000-door-by-April-28th target. And it’s only August!

  • Bulletin: Save Hahnemann Action

  • Bulletin: “Bernie: Season Two is Great”

    We can’t speak for everyone, of course, but we here at the Bulletin have never before been this excited for a Presidential primary debate. Bernie’s been on a tear lately, between his bill to cancel all student debt (and his cheeky Warren-esque debt calculator), his uncompromising push to stop the US from going to war with Iran, and his continued usage, maybe unprecedented, of his campaign email lists to mobilize strike support and warn immigrants of upcoming ICE raids.

  • Bernie OSM 5/23/19 Notes

    On May 23, Philly DSA hosted its first Open Strategy Meeting to begin discussing our Chapter's approach to the Bernie 2020 Campaign. The notes from our first discussion can be found here. We hope that other chapters engaging in Bernie work will find this useful. Anyone who is interested in getting involved with any aspect of this campaign should email phillydsa@gmail.com to get in touch with the moderators of each section and learn more! You can also get in touch with Melissa (via the gmail) to find out more about the campaign as a whole.

  • Bulletin: Bernie Open Strategy Meeting Tonight!

    Our main plug this week is for the Bernie Open Strategy Meeting tonight. For those new to OSM’s, it’s going to be an open (members and non-members welcome!) discussion between attendees about how we can win the city for Bernie in 2020. Winning Pennsylvania isn’t going to be easy; Philadelphia County went for Hillary in 2016, and with Joe Biden headquartering his campaign here in Philly, we’ll certainly have a lot of doors to knock.

  • Bulletin: Union Updates & Officer / Committee Nominations

    The Philly DSA Steering Committee would like to express its support of Adrian Rivera-Reyes candidacy, a DSA member who is currently running for an At-Large seat in the City Council race.

  • Local Convention Nominations and Platform Submissions Are Open!

    Today, we are opening: Nominations for Philly DSA 2019-2021 elected positions (officers, permanent committee chairs, at-large Steering Committee members) Submissions to the Philly DSA 2019-2021 Political Platform Nominations for Delegates to the 2019 DSA National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Bulletin: May Day Picnic This Saturday! Striking Stop & Shop Workers Get the Goods

    We here at the Bulletin (*extremely Bernie Sanders voice*) have the belief, “and there’s nothing radical about it,” that the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, and groups like it, should not exist. PAHCF want, and they’re very explicit about this, to maintain the current system of employer-provided health insurance in which outcomes fluctuate wildly by income and your boss can, for example, just decide that you don’t have dental, vision, or prescription coverage in your health plan. They spent $143 million lobbying in 2018, a good amount of which (who can say, really?) seems to have gone toward stopping single-payer.

  • Bulletin: Do Attend (the Local Convention)

    You can feel it in the air, almost; the trees in West Philly are blooming a little brighter, the dogs in Fairmount are wagging their tails a little faster, and the Social Committee Chair is diligently filling the Kensington dumpster pool in an early effort to win reelection to the new Member Engagement Committee. Yep, it’s the Local Convention, folks, and we love it.

  • Bulletin: CCP Votes to Strike, NPC Votes to Endorse Bernie

    Semi-breaking news courtesy of the Bulletin Squad: last night, the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia voted enthusiastically and overwhelmingly to strike (the vote, according to FSFCCP’s Twitter, was 98% for). This strike vote comes after three years (!) of negotiations; the university’s “best and final” offer would’ve forced already-overworked CCP faculty to teach a 5/5 courseload in exchange for insufficient raises and higher out-of-pocket costs for health insurance. The walkout could begin as soon as next week.

  • Bulletin: Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, Bernie, and more!

    Philly DSA’s Labor Branch and Local Initiative and Local Action Committee were at City Hall this morning for a press conference with Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and the Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance as they introduced the Philadelphia Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in City Council.

  • Bulletin: Election Recap + GM Next Week

    Tuesday’s elections are, in some cases, not over: vote early, vote often, folks! Relevant to our chapter, Elizabeth Fiedler won and will be representing the 184th district in the State House! Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato won in PA-34 and PA-21, respectively! We’re building a DSA caucus in Harrisburg! And Kristin Seale’s race is too close to call; Seale is within a few hundred votes with absentee ballots left to count. Considering that the last Democratic nominee lost the 168th by 4,000+, that’s not a bad return.

  • November GM Amendment Report

  • 10/24/18 Class Math + GM Resolutions

    “If the 99% voted, the 1% wouldn’t matter” – West Philly bumper sticker, spotted on Sunday afternoon just off Woodland We here at the Bulletin know that, between stalled applications, restrictive voter ID laws, and voter roll purges across the country, it’s unfortunately not that simple.

  • 10/11/2018: There's a Specter Haunting Philly

  • 9/27/2018: 40 Days from Election Day

    We’re nearly 40 days away from election day! Members have been canvassing for Kristin Seale bi-weekly since June, and now we’re gearing up for weekly canvasses as GOTV and election day approach. Whether you’ve been coming out every weekend, or have been meaning to get involved, here are some ways you can contribute to our campaign and help send another great socialist candidate to office!

  • Bulletin 9.13.2018 - New Philly DSA Website, Medicare for All Canvass, and More!

    September is a busy month for Philly DSA, with an upcoming Medicare for All canvass, labor solidarity actions, a rebooted Night School, and an exciting discussion co-hosted with 350 Philadelphia, where we’ll talk about howmovements like DSA and unions can band together to fight for a Green NewDeal.

    At a Glance:

    • New Member Meeting, September 15
    • Solidarity with Mondelez-Nabisco Workers, September 15
    • Port Richmond Medicare for All Canvass, September 16
    • Socialist Night School, September 18
    • Temporary Harassment Grievance Policy Hearing, September 19
    • A Green New Deal: Why the Left Can Lead on Climate Change, September 20
    • Less than 100 Days to the Election: Kristin Seale Canvass, September 29
    • YDSA Organizing Drive


  • Bulletin 8.30.2018 - Opportunities + Less than 100 days til election day

    We have the numbers, but our interventions are only effective when we are mobilized for collective action.

    At a Glance:

    • Less than 100 Days to the Election: Kristin Seale Canvass, September 8
    • Local Dues Drive, August 30
    • Labor Solidarity: Stand with Philly Teamsters!, September 4
    • OCOS Coordinating Committee Inaugural Meeting, September 5
    • Philly DSA Museum Night, September 5
    • New Member Meeting, September 15
    • Socialist Night School, September 18
    • Temporary Harassment Grievance Policy Hearing, September 19
    • YDSA Organizing Drive

  • Bulletin 8.16.2018 - Upcoming fights + a year in review

    This August marks a year since the historic 2017 DSA National Convention in Chicago. Since then, it’s become even clearer that socialism is coming to the mainstream, and that DSA is poised to channel popular momentum into real political projects.

    At A Glance

    • Philly DSA/Solidarity Day School, August 18
    • Kristin Seale Canvass, August 19
    • New Members Meeting, August 25
    • Dues Drive Phone Bank & Movie Night, Aug 30
    • OCOS Coordinating Committee Inaugural Meeting
    • Happy Hour and Art Museum Night
    • Committee Meetings
    • Accommodations, Accessibility and Childcare
    • Parliamentarians and Local Dues
    • Buxmont DSA: Upcoming Events

  • Bulletin 8.3.2018 - Updates + an election to win

    November 6th is only three months away, and we have a rare and exciting opportunity to unseat an incumbent Republican and send an exceptional and principled Democratic Socialist woman -- Kristin Seale -- into office in Harrisburg. It’ll be a hard fight, but we can make it happen if we all commit to carrying through our endorsement by turning out as Kristin Seale’s ground game for canvassing voters in DelCo.

    At A Glance

    • Update: General Meeting Results
    • Medicare for All Weekend of Action, August 11-12
    • Kristin Seale Canvass, August 19
    • Upcoming Direct Actions: Anti-ICE and Labor Solidarity
    • Philly DSA/Solidarity Day School, August 18
    • New Members Meeting, August 25
    • Women, Trans People, and Non-Binary People Happy Hour
    • Committee Meetings
    • Accommodations and Accessibility
    • Parliamentarians and Local Dues


  • Open Letter To City Council

    We write on behalf of the people of Philadelphia to urge you to pass resolution 180251 in support of S. 1804, otherwise known as the Medicare-For-All Act.

  • Bulletin 2.8.2018 - General Meeting

    Our February 10 General Meeting is almost here! At General Meetings, the Local assembles to hear reports from projects and committees, set local policy and priorities, and to debate and vote on resolutions.

    At A Glance

    • General Meeting THIS SATURDAY Feb 10

    • Upcoming Night School and Capital Reading Group

    • Philly DSA Be My Comrade Post-Valentines Karaoke Night Feb 17

    • The Left and Labor Panel Feb 26

    • Medicare for All Canvas Mar 3

    • Committee Reports and Meetings

    • Medicare for All Open Strategy Meeting Recap

    • Local Dues


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