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Philadelphia’s political machine, the Democratic City Committee, endorsed a challenger running against Philly DSA-endorsed incumbent Elizabeth Fiedler for State Representative in the 184th district. Just a month ago, we learned that the City Committee had done the same to Philly DSA’s other endorsed incumbent, Rick Krajewski.

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Philadelphia’s political machine, the Democratic City Committee, endorsed a challenger running against Philly DSA-endorsed incumbent Elizabeth Fiedler for State Representative in the 184th district. Just a month ago, we learned that the City Committee had done the same to Philly DSA’s other endorsed incumbent, Rick Krajewski.

Meanwhile, GOP and establishment Dem-backer billionaire Jeffrey Yass swooped in with big donations to Rick’s opponent, and the opponent of Philly DSA-endorsed challenger Paul Prescod. Jeffrey Yass is Pennsylvania’s richest person and the largest source of funding for GOP campaigns in PA.

Disturbingly, Rep. Fiedler’s challenger also sympathizes with the GOP. Mike Giangiordano has retweeted and replied in support of Republicans from Mitt Romney to Betsy DeVos and the Trumps. 

The City Committee rarely fails to endorse incumbents, let alone endorse their challengers — the message from the Democratic political machine in Philadelphia is clear. They would rather partner with Republicans than support incumbents fighting for working people. Philly DSA’s endorsed candidates threaten the ruling class, and they are fighting back the way they know how. That means we have to fight back the way we know how: with people power. 

Sign up to canvass, donate to our PAC, and talk to your friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors about what’s at stake this election season and how they can get involved. If you want to talk with another Philly DSA member about how to have these conversations, email [email protected] or post in #electoral-committee on Slack. These conversations are how we organize, how we build movements, and how we win

*Shout out to Philly Power Research for their extensive research and extremely helpful tweet threads on Yass. Find much more on their Twitter 

In other news, Councilmember Helen Gym has introduced new legislation that would require all facilities operated by the School District of Philadelphia to replace water fountains with hydration stations by June 2025, eradicating lead in Philly public school water. You can fight to protect students and staff by contacting your councilmembers to urge them to pass this legislation, using this toolkit from the Green New Deal for Philly Public Schools Campaign.

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Upcoming Paul Prescod Canvasses
The Democratic primary is just over a month away, and that means we need all hands on deck to get Paul Prescod elected! Check out our upcoming canvasses and sign up:

We’re running out of time to talk to voters. If you’ve been wanting to get involved in the campaign, the time is now!

Communications Committee Meeting, April 18 at 7pm

Join us to discuss better integrating communications with chapter work, spreading the socialist gospel, and more.

Political Education: What is Libertarian Socialism? April 20 at 7pm
Discuss the tenets of libertarian socialism and how to organize society democratically, free from capitalism and coercion.

Ben Fletcher Campaign Meeting, April 21 at 7pm
Work with comrades across the city on a mural to commemorate Ben Fletcher and the legacy of interracial labor organizing in Philadelphia.

Philippine Society and Revolution with AnakBayan, April 22 at 7pm
Join us to learn about the history of the Left in the Philippines. This will be an interactive training session with the organizers from AnakBayan, a Philippine left-wing youth diaspora organization.

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BuxMont Media & Communications Committee Meeting, April 19 at 6pm
Media & Communications Committee meetings are perfect for those interested in graphic design, website maintenance, social media, newsletters, content creation, and apparel! All are welcome 🌹

Delco DSA General Meeting, April 20 at 7pm
Discuss campaigns and chapter business. All are welcome!

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This week in unions

  • Huge news: The NLRB’s General Counsel has asked the Labor Board to reinstate the Joy Silk doctrine. Read more.
  • Starbucks’ workers keep racking up wins, this time in Boston.
    • CEO Howard Schultz said, “If you hate Starbucks so much, why don’t you go somewhere else?” The real question is, if you hate your workers so much, why don’t you pour all the coffee yourself?
  • TONIGHT: Join the Green New Deal Steering Committee and a slate of GND candidates, including our own Paul Prescod, for an election kick off call. Now’s the time to go big on fighting climate change and creating green jobs!
  • Inspired by recent union victories and want to organize your workplace? Check out UNITE HERE Philly’s workplace organizing training on Saturday, 4/23! Email [email protected] with any questions.

To get involved: If you’re interested in supporting workers who want to organize, organizing your workplace, supporting workers and unions taking collective action, or in building relationships with rank and file union members and leaders, email [email protected]

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  • SEEKING STARBUCKS SOLIDARITY COORDINATION: Do YOU want to help coordinate Philly DSA's solidarity with organizing Starbucks workers? This would be an ongoing commitment with other team members who will support! Email [email protected] to learn more!
  • BIG NEWS: DSA has endorsed 14 candidates, including our very own Paul Prescod. Donate to working class socialist candidates – donors can split their dollars evenly between the 15 endorsed candidates or allocate a custom amount to each. Socialist cash beats capitalist trash!
  • Local housing activist Jennifer Bennetch has sadly passed away after fighting COVID. Please donate to her family.
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