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This weekend, 25 delegates from Philly DSA attended the National Convention, where 1,300 comrades met virtually to debate and decide the political direction of our organization for the next two years.

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This weekend, 25 delegates from Philly DSA attended the National Convention, where 1,300 comrades met virtually to debate and decide the political direction of our organization for the next two years. Delegates passed resolutions spanning a number of issues including abolition and international solidarity, heard from guest speakers, and adopted the first ever national platform. Congratulations to our newly-elected National Political Committee, and stay tuned for a report on the convention from the Philly delegation.

Earlier this summer, Philly DSA hosted a Local Convention. Our 2021-2023 Steering Committee was elected (see below). Five chapter priorities were also approved by the membership:

  • Building a fighting labor movement through class struggle unionism
  • Recommit to electing socialists for class struggle at the ballot box
  • Tax the rich to fund public services and public sector union jobs
  • Fighting for racial justice and collective liberation
  • Fighting for M4A in the age of COVID 19

With the election of a new Steering Committee, we vacate and reappoint official members to our permanent committees (Electoral, Political Education, Membership Engagement, and Communications). These members vote on committee business and act as leaders within the committees, often heading subgroups and projects. If you’d like to be considered for permanent committee membership, apply here by August 22! We value inclusion and we especially encourage non-cis, non-white, and non-straight members apply. 

On the calendar
Unless otherwise specified, all events are held via Zoom.

  • Philly Schools Need a Green New Deal Panel, August 12th at 6pm; Join us and our assembled panelists tomorrow night for a panel on Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s Green New Deal for Public Schools Act and how DSA members can help support it. RSVP here
  • Member Engagement Committee Meeting, August 15th at 8pm; Join if you're interested in internal organizing and event planning. RSVP here
  • New Members Meeting, August 17th from 6-7:30pm; Join if you're new to DSA, new to Philly, or just looking to hear about what's going on in the chapter. RSVP here
  • Racial Justice Committee Meeting, August 18th 6-7:30pm; Join our Racial Justice Committee to help promote multi-racial solidarity and build an anti-racist foundation in Philadelphia. RSVP here
  • Socialist Summer School: Politics, August 18th from 7-8:30pm; we'll be using Peter Camejo's "Liberalism, Ultraleftism or Mass Action" to guide our discussion of democratic socialist politics. Register here
  • Steering Committee Meeting, August 21st from 4:30-6:30pm; RSVP here
  • Cookout! August 22nd at 3pm, Lemon Hill picnic site #2 in Fairmount Park; More information here
  • Communications Committee Open Meeting, August 25th at 6pm; Do you want to help oversee Philly DSA’s internal and external communications, or write emails like this one? Come join our Communications Committee! RSVP here
  • Electoral Committee Open Meeting, August 26th at 6pm; Join us for our first Electoral Meeting of the summer! We'll be envisioning what DSA's electoral work will look like heading into the fall and 2022, and what policy goals we will work to achieve through our chapter's electoral work. RSVP here
  • Defund the Police Campaign Meeting, August 27 at 6pm; Join the regular meeting of the RJC’s Defund the Police campaign and discuss gun violence in the city, Red Rabbits, and the campaign’s mission. RSVP here

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Updates from BuxMont DSA

  • BuxMont DSA Steering Committee elections will be held during the annual convention on Thursday, August 26th at 7pm. If you are interested in running for Co-Chair, Recording Secretary, Communications Secretary, or Treasurer, fill out this form and help build socialist power in the suburbs! 
  • Political Education, August 25 at 7pm; Find the materials and RSVP here
  • Socialist Social, August 27 at 7pm; Register here

Register for more August BuxMont events here

On the Bulletin

  • We are once again asking you to complete the National DSA Membership Survey. This will help us map our membership and get a better understanding of who we are and how we can best organize. Check the leaderboard to monitor Philly DSA’s progress

  • The Housing Committee is looking for volunteers to do data entry! After gathering over 150 petitions to support rent control, we need help recording the results of the canvass. No experience necessary. Contact Sal ([email protected]) to get involved. 
    • PS - you can join the Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition and canvass your neighbors the next 3 Saturdays in August! Sign up here 
  • Action item from the Canvassing Committee: We are asking constituents of Rep. Dwight Evans to send him letters showing that his constituents believe health care is a human right and urging him to support the Medicare for All Act of 2021. Letters can be written here
  • Interested in data? Contact our Secretary Harinee at [email protected] to talk about managing our internal data. Those with CRM and data system experience are highly encouraged to reach out!
  • DSA National is launching a BDS Night School. Palestinian liberation has a home in all DSA chapters, and National is teaming up with top organizers and speakers on the movement to educate our membership. No prior knowledge of BDS is required. Sign up and reserve your spot here
  • Support Philly DSA! 
  • Harassment and Grievance Process: In accordance with Article XIII of our Bylaws, a commission has been formed to receive, process, and review grievances for disciplinary action. To read more about the process or to file a grievance you can do so here.

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“In due time the hour will strike and this great cause triumphant — the greatest in history — will proclaim the emancipation of the working class and the brotherhood of all mankind.” - Eugene V. Debs, Canton War Speech


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