Philadelphians call on President Biden to end the blockade on COVID-19 aid to Cuba

The Facts: End the Blockade on COVID Support to Cuba

Cuba will lift its quarantine and re-open the country to tourism on Nov 15 after vaccinating most of its population with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

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Extend the Sheriff Sale Moratorium

Two weeks ago, I saw the City call in the cops on community members who wanted to...deliver a petition. Why? Because under capitalism the state (or the City in this case) exists to protect the interests of capital, not those of the people. And the police are its enforcers.

The Sheriff Sale Moratorium expired earlier this month, and with that comes the sale of empty lots to for-profit developers in an unjust, opaque process. 

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Our Power Is Local

Working people have been handed some tough losses at the Supreme Court over the past few weeks; it both lifted the federal eviction moratorium and silently laid waste to the remnants of Roe v. Wade. We should all feel rage that because of the whims of an unelected, conservative, and capitalist Court, more families will find themselves thrown out of their homes and fewer people will be able to access abortions.

But while we feel that anger, let us also remember: For the poor among us, many laws are overturned every single day by local judges, police, employers, and landlords. For many of us, a point of no return was not crossed last week — it had been crossed long ago.

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Supporting the Victims of Hurricane Ida

Philly DSA expresses solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Ida. New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast have long suffered from our government’s failure to provide adequate support for recovery in the wake of natural disasters, the prevalence and intensity of which have steadily increased with climate change.

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